The Word  

Latest messages from River Church Banff.

Paul Adamson
This week Paul Adamson gives a very practical teaching on the power of testimony and how to construct one.
David Clark
As we consider how to become a renewed wineskin there is a release of power that helps shape the next new move of God. Jump into the cycle of change God has for you.
Philip Watt
We have to get rid of everything that comes between us and Jesus. In this week’s message Philip Watt reads from John chapter 9 and reveals why we need a heart like the blind man……to have nothing to hang on to, nothing to lose, stepping into the new wine revelation of the Holy Spirit.
Joe Ewen
In todays message, Joe shares on the importance of getting into the Word to become a new wineskin.
Rob McArthur
In Pastor Rob’s New Year's message he reflects on each of us becoming a new wineskin so that we can receive the new wine of the Holy Spirit.
Rob McArthur
Pastor Rob poses a poignant question on the last Sunday of 2018 and asks what are we taking with us? Leaving things behind to move on with Jesus is so important. Please listen to this message and be encouraged.