Men on Fire 

Who We Are:

Men on Fire is a dynamic men’s ministry which has been running for approximately 4 years and is part of River Churches ministry serving the North East of Scotland.

Men on Fire is committed to see men reach their full, God given potential
We are all in this together, and together we can be the strong, dependable, trustworthy and joyful men that God is calling us to be. We laugh a lot, rejoice a lot, learn a lot and usually eat a lot, whilst encouraging and equipping each other to be strong men in tough times.

Our vision statement is:

Staying Strong,
Powerful in Prayer,
Brothers and Believers Together

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Men on Fire latest media.

Derek Brown
Derek shares from John 21 where Jesus prepares breakfast for his disciples. Breakfast - the first thing - the first mouthful of food for a new day and continuing life. Come and eat breakfast with Jesus!
Norman Hill
Norman Hill, pastor of River Church Elgin, shares six important lessons he has learned in his life that can help us to live in the true freedom and power of the Kingdom of God.
Joe Ewen - River Churches
Pastor Joe uses Psalm 107 to draw out a response of thanksgiving for all that God has done and will continue to do through MOF and the churches we represent.
Blake Hartsock
Through testimony of his own journey, and encouraging us to recognise the richness of what we have in the Spirit, Blake challenges us to say YES to the next steps God is asking us to take for His glory.
George Foreman
We need to be Barnabas and Jonathan for one another - encouragers - and also to learn to strengthen ourselves in the Lord. 'There's no time to quit'! God has a purpose in life for each one of us to fulfill.
George Foreman
Using the story of Gideon, George encourages us to find our identity in how God sees us.
Blake Hartsock
Blake opens the 'Men On Fire' conference with a challenge to honesty and vulnerability that enables us to confess past failures and sins to one another and so be enabled to move forward with a new freedom into God's full purpose for our lives.
Stephen Finnie